Big Teeth and Silver Fur
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i have a PhD in getting myself into really bad situations 

"Well … here we are David, Drake. … Hey mom." Thervan says, placing a shakey hand on his mother’s grave stone. 

His hand on top of the gravestone flexes against the stone, he was late visiting the graves this year, and it pulled at an expected amount of guilt. His eyes flicked to the other grave of his father, and brothers, green eyes lingering on each. The feeling of guilt moving deeper into his heart, causing his hand to clench against the rough stone top of his mother’s grave even harder. He didn’t move from where he was standing, tears welling up in his eyes, his other hand still grasped around the bundle of carnations he meant to place in front of their graves. Everytime he came here, no matter how put together he felt part of him would crack again, that same feeling of pain and loss even dull as it was would pound at him again. He never came here alone, knowing that he still can’t bear these feelings alone. Knowing even after ten years, he still missed them, and part of himself still blamed him for their deaths. 

So he didn’t move, he didn’t move except for the slight tremors that moved through him as he started to cry.

"I love you, and I am so sorry."

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"I think you really need to go to bed.”

"What I’ve only been up for 36 hours straight, and had more cups of tea than I can remember. I feel fine." 

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Send me a ♮ for my muse’s reaction to yours coming up from behind and wrapping their arms around mine’s waist.

Send me a ♮ for my muse’s reaction to yours coming up from behind and wrapping their arms around mine’s waist.
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Warrior, Rogue

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Jesús Cristo. Talk about down to the line.

My sentiment exactly.


Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I think I will be there to make sure no one gets killed.

but the only one who would get hurt would be me! and besides im only looking at stuff under a microscope and doing different chemical tests. super easy stuff! :P

…….. Do you know which particular continuity the scale is from? Is it from a purely biological dragon, or does it have roots and powers in magic or psychic abilities? When it comes to dragons, nothing is easy. …. Just take me living with Drake as a good example.